With tens of thousands in daily orders in a highly unique niche, their failing website was in major need of both an infrastructure upgrade as well a complete redesign.

This was a fun project that allowed us to explore a new niche of eCommerce. We enjoyed working with the team at 60X Custom Strings. They had a unique style they were trying to accomplish with the redesign and were given the opportunity to continually provide feedback as their new site was being developed.

We set them up with a development site using Google Cloud Platform for the initial phases of planning, design, and development. This allowed us to make real-time changes to infrastructure and server resources.

Once we had the rough draft of the redesign complete we migrated it to a testing site on their existing hosting platform and merged in the production data from their live site.

The launch took under an hour from start to finish with no hiccups and a seamless user experience.

SEO and Digital Marketing

We partnered with Diamond Pillar to satisfy the vast SEO requirements of 60X Custom Strings.




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