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Preferred Technologies

Mobile Apps

PhoneGap is our platform/framework of choice for mobile development.  Develop once, deploy everywhere.  Don’t get boggled down by native development.  You’re able to deliver your products faster and significantly under budget.  PhoneGap is built on top of the powerful Apache Cordova. We also use Ionic and when the project requires it, we develop natively in Swift and Ojective-C for iOS devices and Java for Android.

Web Apps

Angular is the industry leader for web-based application development.  Built to be what HTML should have been.  Deliver your projects significantly faster with the help of this superheroic framework.

Big Data

Spring Boot is the framework we rely on when we need a backend infrastructure that requires handling hundreds of thousands, to millions of concurrent users.

A heavily opinionated, and rightly-so, framework for rapid application development designed to scale.  Utilizing the Spring Framework, this industry standard harnesses the power of Java and the Java Virtual Machine.


Small and medium businesses need the ability to manage their website without the overhead of website administrator fees or having to pay developers to make simple changes.   No CMS has the popularity, nor the credibility, quite like WordPress.   Backed by a strong community and endorsed by over 60 million users, nothing comes close. In fact, WordPress accounts for over 28% of all websites worldwide.

Industry Standard Tools

As a senior software engineer, it is one of my responsibilities to maintain excellence in various technologies and languages within the broad scope of my skillset.  I use the same professional tools no matter what project I am working on. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber.  All use the same technology stacks that I am using, so you can rest assured that they’re future proof

Best in Industry Practices

Every step along the process is approached with thorough care and intense attention to detail. Unit tests, end to end tests, and integration tests are standard processes in any application that I build.

Projects Done Right. The First Time.

I live by the motto of over delivering. I don’t bill by the hour.  I bill by the project.  If it takes longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, that is on me.  That cost never reaches the customer.  I demand the highest quality of myself. I am built around managing expectations.

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